Here, you'll find snapshots, quotes, and tweets of and around Seedcamp, the premier European seed investment and mentorship program as it travels across the USA.


AppExtras is a cross-promotion marketplace for Mobile App Publishers.

We are the platform powering “more apps” buttons. Publishers using AppExtras get more installs of their apps and earn extra cash for recommending new apps to their existing users.

Using our mobile client SDK, with 3 lines of code, publishers add a personal app store to their native apps. They manage their personal app store through our web interface.

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With archivme, invoicing and budgeting is finally made easy.

archivme enables you to sort and manage all your personal documents and invoices in a single app. Just enter supplier login and passwords and archivme retrieves your latest documents on web portals. Forget about the shoebox, archivme is the only way to keep track of your expenses, archive important documents.

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Blossom is Lean Product Management.

Ask any software developer you know whether he is happy with the project management tool he uses. The reactions are not pretty. Why is the status quo so painful? Because the way we build software today is drastically different from what we used to do just a few years back. The current tools don’t reflect that. Blossom does.

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Holvi replaces traditional banks with a beautiful web service.

Our product combines a checking account and automatic bookkeeping, with built in fundraising. It is especially targeted at group activities such as clubs, events and associations and helps save heaps of time and make more money. No other bank account required.

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We enable you to find relevant skilled people and get your skills found - in real-time and on demand.

  • Need someone to help with data-entry at the office ?
  • Need a professional photographer for the event you are organizing ?

Chances are someone in your extended network knows/can recommend you someone who can help.

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Mopapp provides easy sales analytics for all mobile apps.

We help developers and publishers to track and analyze their apps’ revenues from all major online stores (Apple App Store, Google Android Market, GetJar, RIM App World, Appia, MobiHand,…) and major mobile Ad networks (AdMob, InMobi,…) through automatic data aggregation and clear reports.

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Qminder is a smartphone based queue elimination system.

We have a smartphone app and a queue management service to reduce waiting times and improve customer service. Qminder solves the nuisance of queuing by giving the end-user the ability to take their ticket wherever they are, book times beforehand and remind them when their turn is up.

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